Lion hunting in Moscow, Russia

by Olga on March 11, 2011

I believe it’s hard to find a big city in the world without sculptural figures of lions on its streets. Throughout history the lion, king of beasts, has been a popular symbol of royalty and stateliness, power and honor, nobility and courage. Let me show you a small part of my collection of the Moscow lion statues.


2. One of the lions guarding Alexander II monument next to Christ the Savior cathedral

3. Patriarch’s Ponds, Yermolayevsky Pereulok, 9

4.Ilya Glazunov’s Gallery, Volhonka St., 13

5. Moscow House of Scientists, Prechistenka St., 16

6. Malaya Molchanovka, 8, M.Arbatskaya

7. P.Boytsov’s house (1903), Spiridonovka, 14, Consulate of Greece in Moscow

8. Embassy of Belgium, Khlebny pereulok, 15

9. 12 lions at the monument to N.V.Gogol , Gogolevsky Bolevard, M.Arbatskaya

10. The Museum of Contemporary History of Russia (former English Club), Tverskaya St. 21

11. Alexsander garden next to the Kremlin wall

12. Embassy of Armenia (former Lazarev Institute of Oriental Languages), Armyansky per., 2

13. Myasnitskaya St., 15

14. B.Pirogovskaya, 23

15. Clinical hospital #23 (former Batashov estate), Yauzskaya St., 11

16. von Rekk’s mansion (1897, architect S. Shervud), Pyatnitskaya St., 64

17. Sadovaya-Samotechnaya St., 4a
Moscow street lions

18. Dostoevskogo St., 4
Moscow street lions

19. Bryusov per.
Moscow street lions

20. B.Nikitskaya,12
Moscow street lions

21. Kuzminki park
Moscow street lions

22. Municipal clinical hospital #4, Pavlovskaya St., 25
Moscow street lions

23.B.Polyanka, 45
Moscow street lions

24. Grachevka estate, Klinskaya St., 2
Moscow street lions

25. the Museum of architecture, Vozdvizhenka St., 5
Moscow street lions

26. Goncharnaya St., 38
Moscow street lions

27. Razumovsky estate, Kazakova St., 18
Moscow street lions

28. Usachev-Naidyonov estate, Zemlyanoy val St., 53
Moscow street lions

29. Bauman university, 2-nd Baumanskaya St.

30. Grachevka estate, Klinskaya St., 2

31. Red square in the Kremlin

32. again Tverskaya St. 21

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