Morosov’s mansion at Podsosensky Lane

by Olga on May 15, 2011

On the 18th of May Moscow will celebrate the Day of historical and cultural heritage. A lot of museums will be open for free and many historical buildings and architectural monuments that are usually inaccessible will open their doors to the public.
Once on the 18th of May I had the pleasure to visit the Morosov’s mansion at 21 Podsosensky Lane. It was built by M.N.Chichagov and the interiors were remodelled by an outstanding Moscow architect F.Shekhtel in 1895-1900. Five panels on the subject of Goethe’s “Faust” were painted by M.A.Vrubel for its Gothic study. They included “Mephisto and the student”, “Margaret”, “Faust”, “The Flight of Faust and Mephisto”, and a lost fifth panel “Faust and Margaret in the Garden”. Currently the four panels from the study are shown at the State Tretyakov Gallery. For A.V.Morozov Vrubel also painted the panel “Philosophy”.

Morosov’s mansion at 21 Podsosensky Lane

2.The main entrance is designed in Egyptian style.

3. Moving up to the first floor.

4. Stucco moulding.

5. The opposite door leads to the reception-room.

6. the Gothic study.

7.The ceiling.

8.Fireplace and stairway are on the right.

9.  in the book in front of an old man was written “Vita brevis ars long” ( life is short and art is eternal).

10. The panels by Vrubel were located on these walls

11. smiling pterodactyl

12.The view from a staircase

13.leading to the library.

14. library

15.The Tapestry room is located under the library.






21.Vrubel’s painting for the study. The main work was a triptych.

22.The Flight of Faust and Mephisto.

23.A.V.Morozov house, main facade.


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Barbara March 28, 2013 at 5:34 pm

Dear Olga, I am a resident in Moscow. I it possible to visit this mansion? Do you have some info please? Thank you, Barbara


Olga March 28, 2013 at 8:23 pm

Dear Barbara, I visited it on one of the International museum days, marked on May 18, when a lot of cultural monuments and historical mansions in Moscow are open to the public. (Another such day is the day of historical and cultural heritage on April 18.) Visits were scheduled by appointment only but I came hoping to get lucky and was fortunate to join the group.


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