How to get from Rechnoy vokzal to the city center

by Olga on May 30, 2014

I was asked by Sophie:

Olga, the Viking cruise will be docked at the Moscow Northern River Boat Station, Leningradsky Prospekt, Khimki. Do you know how long will it take to get to the Armory if we take the subway? We heard there is a subway, but not sure where it is.  Will appreciate any help you can give us.


It will take you about 20 minutes walk from the pier to the metro station Rechnoy vokzal and 25 minutes by the green metro line to the station Teatralnaya, which is located in the city centre.


Your route from the river boat terminal to the metro station Rechnoy vokzal:


from the building of Severny Rechnoy vokzal (Northern River Boat Station) go straight to Leningradskoe shosse, cross it by an underground pass, then walk through the park Druzhby to the metro station Rechnoy vokzal.

Write on a peace of paper:


(metro station Rechnoy vokzal) and you will be able to ask your question in Russian just by showing it.


Metro station Teatralnaya. You are getting off. Now your task is to find the exit.

In Russian it will be2

Outside orientate yourself according my map #2.


Have a look at the Bolshoy theatre on the other side of the square in front of you, then go to the left along two red brick buildings and in a minute you will see the Kremlin. Enter the gate of the garden and walk along the Kremlin wall until you will see the Kremlin ticket office.

Return the same way. When you enter the metro there will be two escalators in the hall. Take the left one – to Teatralnaya. Another one leads to Ploshchad Revolutsii, avoid it 🙂. Take the last carriage of the metro train to Rechnoy vokzal.

Study the metro map in advance!


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