Observation platforms in Moscow

by Olga on June 9, 2015

I was asked by Judith:

      Olga, I have searched online about the observation platform and Vorobyovy Gory and      I  am quite confused . Are these two the same one, the one near MSU? And may I know will there be any entry fee? Which one of two will you recommend if they are different?
Thanks a lot.
P.S. Your information provided are really really useful, especially the one about Kremlin^.^

Hi, Judith.
Yes, the observation platform near MSU and that one on Vorobyovy Gory are the same place.
http://askmoscow.com/2010/12/viewpoint-1/ Here I gave an instruction how to get there:
http://askmoscow.com/2013/02/from-the-metro-to-the-observation-platform/ There is no any entry fee! Recently there was opened a new Moscow viewing desk at the top of Central Children’s store “Detsky mir” on Lubyanka square: http://opposto.livejournal.com/357751.html No entry fee as well! Thanks for your P.S. 🙂


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