From Domodedovo to the Kremlin by aeroexpress

by Olga on January 28, 2016

Question from Michelle:

Olga, if you would be kind to answer my question, I will be arriving via Domedovo  (Moscow ) airport heading towards Kremlin and Im planning to take the aeroroport express train. Please guide me how.

1. Take the aeroexpress from Domodedovo airport to Paveletsky railway terminal. domodedovo aeroexpress

2. When you arrive to Moscow almost all the people from aeroexpress will go in the same direction – to the metro, just follow them. The entrance to the metro station Paveletskaya (radial, green line) is located in the train terminal.

metro Paveletskaya

3.The signs will show you the right platform.

from Paveletskaya to Teatralnaya

Your destination is Teatralnaya station (from the word theatre). From Paveletskaya it  will be the second stop.

4.Metro station Teatralnaya . You are getting off. Now your task is to find the exit.

In Russian it will be exit to Red square

5. Outside orientate yourself according the map:

from Teatralnaya to the Kremlin

Have a look at the Bolshoy theatre on the other side of the square, then turn left and go along two red brick buildings. In a minute you will see the Kremlin. Enter the gate of the garden and walk along the Kremlin wall until you will see the Kremlin ticket office.

Moscow Kremlin ticket office

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NGA December 12, 2016 at 9:58 am

Dear Olga,

Thanks for your instruction, I just confuse: note 3.The signs will show you the right platform.

This sign is for Line No. 5 (radial with brown color), why it show destinations of green line (No.2) from Paveletsky station to Teatralnaya station. Or there is only one sign for both lines?

Could you help me to understand it.

Thank you!


Olga December 12, 2016 at 7:55 pm

That part of the sign says: “Transfer to the circular line (a brown one) is located in the center of the station hall.

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