House-museum of V.Vasnetsov

by Olga on March 19, 2011

If you’d like to see an example of a wooden house in Moscow built by an artist for himself and his family at the end of the XIX century I would highly recommend a visit to Victor Vasnetsov house-museum. The house with an art studio was built according to Vasnetsov’s drawing in 1894.

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I would like to draw your attention to some details of the painting by P.Vereshchagin “View of the Moscow Kremlin” (1879):
1. Double-headed eagles on the top of two towers. Currently you would see there red stars.
2. The Imperial standard over the Palace.
3. The church next to the third tower from the left. The Annunciation church was built in 1731 and demolished in 1932-33.
4. The forth tower from the left is the Secret (Tainitskaya) tower. It is shown with a decorative side bastion, projected out from the line of the curtain wall. It imitated an old one of the XVII century, was attached to the tower in 1862 and dismantled during the renovation of 1930-1933.
5. Color of the Grand Kremlin Palace and the Armory Chamber facades is not the same as today.
6. The Kremlin wall was whitewashed.
7. In the wall of the embankment across the river you can notice a round arched hole. It is the place of confluence of two rivers, where the Neglinnaya river, entubed in 1820, joins the Moscow river.

P.P.Vereshchagin View of the Moscow Kremlin 1879


Levitan exhibition

by Olga on February 25, 2011

Exhibition in Moscow (Oct 15 to Mar 20)
ISAAK LEVITAN. To the 150th anniversary.
State Tretyakov Gallery, Krymsky Val

Isaak Levitan a classic Russian landscape painter is considered to be a creator of mood landscape genre. “Levitan’s landscape” is an understandable term both to art specialists and art lovers. The exhibition shows approximately 300 works by Levitan, presenting the most famous masterpieces as well as less known paintings. Among the latter for me was his last unfinished painting “Lake. Russia” full of light and spring hopes and his bouquets of flowers. Flowers, painted by I.Levitan, are not the most luxurious flowers in the world. These are lilacs with their first scent of spring, wild flowers, cornflowers, and dandelions as an enduring metaphor for fleeting nature of life. Similar to his mood landscapes these are flowers for the heart and soul.

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Vocal ensemble “Anima”

by Olga on February 2, 2011

Let me introduce you to a capella vocal ensemble “Anima” and my friends, professional singers Sechkina Marina and Alexander Lapshin. They are well familiar to the Moscow Kremlin visitors due to their performances at the Archangel Cathedral.


Novodevichy Convent

by Olga on January 6, 2011

I know a family of Americans who have lived in Moscow for many years. I was told their favorite place in this city was always the Novodevichy Convent, quiet, full of history and outstanding architecture.

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Exhibition at the metro station

by Olga on January 3, 2011

In my opinion, it was a great idea to organize an exhibition at the metro station Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills). Passengers received an opportunity to see in rotating showcases right on the platform the wares produced by the leading Russian factories: the Imperial Porcelain Factory from St.Petersburg, Gardner’s and Dulyovo Porcelain Factories as well as Gzhel Association from the Moscow region.

Metro station Vorobyovy Gory

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