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Honey fair in Manezh

by Olga on March 11, 2012

Honey fair in Manezh will be closed on March 14th.
This time most of all I liked linden honey of the Matvejev family.

Look at the photo. Yes, this is their traveling apiary with a lot of beehives.

Honey fair in Manezh


Bolshoi Theatre

by Olga on March 10, 2012

View of the Bolshoi Theatre before the fire of 1853, a lithograph of L.J.Arnu.
Bolshoi Theatre L.J.ArnuThe original building designed by Joseph Bové was opened in 1825.
After the fire the new building of the Bolshoi was constructed by Alberto Cavos in 1856.

The Bolshoi Theatre in 2012:
The Bolshoi Theatre in 2012


Count Sheremetev country estate

by Olga on March 9, 2012

Ostankino in the XIXth century.


Ostankino in 2011

Ostankino 2011


Caravaggio in Moscow

by Olga on January 31, 2012

The Caravaggio exhibition at the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum runs until February 19, 2012.
If you want to escape long queueing and freezing come at 10am.
Caravaggio The Adoration of the Shepherds 1609


“Snowshow” by Slava Polunin

by Olga on January 27, 2012

“Snowshow” by Slava Polunin is in Moscow again.
I recommend you don't miss it!
He is a magician. He will turn you into children.
“Snowshow” by Slava Polunin


Architect of Power

by Olga on January 18, 2012

An exhibition dedicated to the 120th anniversary of one of the most famous Soviet architects Boris Iofan at the Schusev State Museum of Architecture, Vozdvizhenka St., 5 (M. Biblioteka imeni Lenina, Alexandrovsky sad, Arbatskaya) will be opened until February 26, 2012.
Boris Iofan is mainly known as an author of the “House on the Embankment” and the Soviet Pavilion with a sculpture of the "Worker and Collective Farm Girl" by V. Mukhina created for the World’s Fair of 1937.  Although never realized, the ambitious Palace of Soviets,  became the project of his life.  For me, the initial project of Moscow State University and those interior designs for the Palace of Soviets halls looking like Pantheon or a Christian church proved to be particularly interesting.

the Schusev State Museum of Architecture,, Read more


Ice skating in Gorky Park

by Olga on January 3, 2012

Few activities are as magical as ice skating in winter holiday season.
Ice skating rink in Gorky Park (9 Krymskiy Val St., metro st. Oktyabrskaya) has become popular again.
Be ready to see a long line to get in when you come at 5pm.

Opening times: 10am-3pm, 5pm-11pm
Weekdays 10am – 3pm 150 rub
Weekdays 5pm – 11pm 300 rub
Weekends and Holidays 10am – 3pm 300 rub
Weekends and Holidays 5pm – 11pm 400 rub
under 7 – free, 7-12 - 100 rub

Skate hire deposit - 1500 rub

Gorky park

Gorky park

Gorky park

Gorky park

Gorky park

Gorky park


Gorky park. Photo by E.Evzerikhin. 1938


Good ice skating rink in Moscow

by Olga on November 25, 2011

- Olga, I am visiting Moscow in December and would like to go ice-skating in the city outdoors. Can you recommend a good ice skating rink to go to?

- My absolutely favorite place for winter outdoor skating in Moscow is certainly the ice skating rink on Red Square (the GUM-Katok), offering one-of-a-kind views and good ice every session.

info about Red Square ice skating rink on AskMoscow

photos of Red Square ice skating rink

It seems this year the ice skating rink on Red Square may have a worthy competitor. Gorky Park (9 Krymskiy Val St., metro st. Oktyabrskaya) was always popular for its walkways and paths iced over for skating but frankly speaking the quality of ice has been quite bad there in the last years. Hope everything will be much better now. They started a reconstruction program in the park recently and principally changed its priorities. about Gorky park ice skating rink


Paul Poiret in Moscow

by Olga on October 29, 2011

The exhibition "Poiret - King of Fashion" will be open in the Moscow Kremlin till January, 12, 2012.

Paul Poiret Read more


Bolshoi theatre

by Olga on October 22, 2011

We can visit the Bolshoi theatre again starting from November 2.