Dating scams

by Olga on December 25, 2010

Recently I received several letters from a foreign man who asked for advice on relationship with a Russian girlfriend. She was from Yoshkar-Ola. After some correspondence I understood that he was a scammer victim. I came upon information on Internet that a leader of one of the largest scam groups in Yoshkar-Ola was arrested and several groups of scammers have been caught.

However, the business is still alive. Yoshkar-Ola is known as the main Russian center for dating scams. The scheme of a scam is simple. Organized groups trying to scam money post introduction profiles on different sites, use photos of incredibly beautiful women, and write letters of love from their name to the potential foreign bridegrooms. The relationship progresses quickly. Gullible grooms regularly send money to fiancé for visa, tickets, insurance, learning English, as well as for their troubles and troubles of their relatives. Receiving the money leads to an end of any further communication.

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