Balmont Apartments Mayakovskaya

by Olga on May 16, 2013

View from Balmont apartments Mayakovskaya (Oruzheyny pereulok, 5)

Garden Ring


First capsule hotel in Moscow

by Olga on January 29, 2013

First Moscow Sleepbox Hotel is located on 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya St opposite Marriott Hotel and in the close vicinity of Belirussky railway station. The place was chosen not by chance: the terminal is, in turn, connected by Aeroexpress to the airport Sheremetyevo.
Good idea, if to change the price list.

Sleepbox Hotel


Ulanskaya Hotel

by Olga on July 3, 2011

I do not recommend booking Ulanskaya Hotel (Ulansky Pereulok, 16) in hot summer time. Instead of air conditioning, promised by or, just a fan will wait for you in the room. The window could be opened, but it was 29C degrees (84.2 F) outside in the shade today. In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible an additional heating system is used: overheated towel rail turns the shower room into a steam bath.

The hotel says it is located 20mins walk from Red square. I can’t imagine anyone, who can do it for 20mins. It is a good time for a sprinter.

I believe information should be real.

Ulanskaya Hotel, Moscow


“Sokolniki” and “Sokol”

by Olga on December 4, 2010

I received the first question and a very good one:

Olga, I would like to know the orgin(s) of the name of the metro stations “Sokolniki” and “Sokol”.

Sokolniki is the name of an old settlement of falconers (sokolniks) – people who took care for falcons and trained them for hunting. Since the XV century the local forests used to be the favorite hunting place of the Moscow princes and tsars. So, Sokolniki district has inherited that historical name of the place.

The origin of the name Sokol is associated with the first communal settlements in the Soviet Union when a group of artists and painters received some land in Moscow as a private property. First it was planned to be located in Sokolniki. A lot of documents were prepared for registration, even a stamp was made with a flying falkon, when the authorities for some reason changed their minds and artists settlement received another place – near the village of All the Saints. It is not confused the artists. They decided not to change the documents, keep the name and save the stamp. Later the surrounding districts received the same name and the newly built metro station was called Sokol (Falcon) as well.

Let me show you some photos taken at Sokolniki.

The church of the Resurrection of Christ in Sokolniki (1909-1913) built by the architect P.Tolstyh is located in the vicinity of the metro station Sokolniki and the park of the same name. It was not closed even in Soviet time hence a lot of precious icons were preserved in it, some of them taken from other churches.

A rare Moscow sample of the house decorated with wood carving on Gastello St. in Sokolniki.

Holiday Inn hotel with the Fire tower of the XIX century on background.