Moscow river

Moscow Kremlin. The view from Moskvoretsky bridge.

One more picture to the old post Moskvoretsky bridge


I was asked by Sophie:

Olga, the Viking cruise will be docked at the Moscow Northern River Boat Station, Leningradsky Prospekt, Khimki. Do you know how long will it take to get to the Armory if we take the subway? We heard there is a subway, but not sure where it is.  Will appreciate any help you can give us.


It will take you about 20 minutes walk from the pier to the metro station Rechnoy vokzal and 25 minutes by the green metro line to the station Teatralnaya, which is located in the city centre.


Your route from the river boat terminal to the metro station Rechnoy vokzal:


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View from the Kremlin

by Olga on June 29, 2011

We can see the Kremlin wall, the Moscow river, the Big Stone bridge, named after the first stone bridge in Moscow, and the Kremlin Water pump tower on the right.

Moving to the left are  Christ the Savior Cathedral, the Church of Elijah the Prophet (1706), Moscow state university, 5-domed church of the Conception Convent, and so-called House on the embankment is seen on the left .
The view from the Kremlin


Vintage Photographs of Moscow 1909

by Olga on March 4, 2011

Check this fantastic collection of Murray Howe’s photos!
All the photos are of great quality and full of life.
They are really stunning.
Many thanks to his great-grandson.

Photo Album Permalink: Vintage Photographs of Moscow 1909


I would like to draw your attention to some details of the painting by P.Vereshchagin “View of the Moscow Kremlin” (1879):
1. Double-headed eagles on the top of two towers. Currently you would see there red stars.
2. The Imperial standard over the Palace.
3. The church next to the third tower from the left. The Annunciation church was built in 1731 and demolished in 1932-33.
4. The forth tower from the left is the Secret (Tainitskaya) tower. It is shown with a decorative side bastion, projected out from the line of the curtain wall. It imitated an old one of the XVII century, was attached to the tower in 1862 and dismantled during the renovation of 1930-1933.
5. Color of the Grand Kremlin Palace and the Armory Chamber facades is not the same as today.
6. The Kremlin wall was whitewashed.
7. In the wall of the embankment across the river you can notice a round arched hole. It is the place of confluence of two rivers, where the Neglinnaya river, entubed in 1820, joins the Moscow river.

P.P.Vereshchagin View of the Moscow Kremlin 1879


Old times of Sparrow Hills

by Olga on December 3, 2010

Before the revolution of 1917 Krynkin’s restaurant famous for its excellent cuisine was located on Vorobyovy Hill high over the Moscow river. Looking at these photos you will definitely say that it was a charming place. I agree with you.


I invite you to get a panoramic view of Moscow from the observation platform located just in front of the Moscow university building. The view from Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills) is especially lovely at night.

Places I would like you to visit

“Whoever wants to understand Russia should come here and look down at Moscow…” A.Chekhov

In a day time good weather will provide you with the pictures of the Kremlin and Christ the Saviour cathedral, situated 12 km away. In fact it was Sparrow Hills where originally Christ the Saviour cathedral was planned to be build by the Emperor Alexander I.

Look at the university and try to find its 6 sisters – similar buildings of Stalin’s time. Some of them always try to vanish in the distance.

What else to search? The Sports complex is impossible to overlook. To the left will be the Novodevichy convent, to the right – headquarters of the Russian Academy of Sciences known as “Golden Brain” for its architectural appearance, a ski jump, double-decker metro bridge across the Moscow river, the river itself and a nice park for a work. It will take you not more than 15 minutes to get to the nearest metro station with the same name – Vorobyovy Gory (red line).