Red square

From Domodedovo to the Kremlin by aeroexpress

by Olga on January 28, 2016

Question from Michelle:

Olga, if you would be kind to answer my question, I will be arriving via Domedovo  (Moscow ) airport heading towards Kremlin and Im planning to take the aeroroport express train. Please guide me how.

1. Take the aeroexpress from Domodedovo airport to Paveletsky railway terminal. domodedovo aeroexpress

2. When you arrive to Moscow almost all the people from aeroexpress will go in the same direction – to the metro, just follow them. The entrance to the metro station Paveletskaya (radial, green line) is located in the train terminal.

metro Paveletskaya

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From Leningradskiy station to Red square

by Olga on January 12, 2016

Question: I will be staying in St Petersburg and wish to visit Moscow for the day. Which train station will I arrive at in Moscow and how far [if walking distance] to the Red Square / tourist attractions. I have been looking online but am getting confused as I think there is more than one main train station in Moscow.

Hello, Julie!
You will come to Leningradskiy station
It is not in a walking distance from Red square, but by metro (radial, red line) it takes just 7 min.


I was asked by Sophie:

Olga, the Viking cruise will be docked at the Moscow Northern River Boat Station, Leningradsky Prospekt, Khimki. Do you know how long will it take to get to the Armory if we take the subway? We heard there is a subway, but not sure where it is.  Will appreciate any help you can give us.


It will take you about 20 minutes walk from the pier to the metro station Rechnoy vokzal and 25 minutes by the green metro line to the station Teatralnaya, which is located in the city centre.


Your route from the river boat terminal to the metro station Rechnoy vokzal:


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State Department Store (GUM)

by Olga on July 22, 2013

GUM celebrates its 120th anniversary.
Red square in front of it turns into a patchwork flower carpet.




Travellers with backpacks

by Olga on February 9, 2013

I’ve  got a question:

I am planning a trip to Moscow, for my wife and I, soon. We want to visit  Kremlin in the morning and then go to Red Square for the afternoon and evening.  We each carry a small backpack with us.
Will we be required to leave them before entering the Kremlin?
If so, can I bring the backpacks to Red Squre after my visit to the Kremlin?
Is there direct access to Red Square from the Kremlin grounds?

– You are right, to visit the Kremlin you need to leave your backpacks at a checkroom. Ask where buying tickets. As for Red square, you can take them with you.
– There is no entrance to Red square from the Kremlin. Go along the Kremlin wall and make a turn to the right when you leave the Alexander garden.

Best wishes and have a nice trip!


Disappeared mausoleum

by Olga on February 3, 2013

Today in Moscow instead of Lenin mausoleum on Red square you can witness a huge white hemisphere tent. The mausoleum is closed until the end of April for renovation work. Moscow officials say Lenin’s body remains inside.

Lenin Mausoleum

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Red square

by Olga on January 17, 2012

“Feeding pigeons in Red Square in 1890-1900” by Konstantin Yuon (1946).
K.Yuon Feeding pigeons in Red square

Red square in 2012.
Red square, 2012

What are the differences?

1. Two towers which are to the right from the Historical museum (on the opposite side of the square from us) were demolished in 1931. The Resurrection Gate with two chapels was considered to be an obstacle for military parades and demonstrations on the way to Red Square. The gate was reconstructed in the 90s.

2. St. Nicholas tower looks to be white-washed.

3. Lenin’s Mausoleum was built in 1930.

4. There are no chapels next to the Spasskaya Tower. They were destroyed in 1925 and therefore did not exist in 1946 like the Resurrection Gate when Yuon painted them.

5. We can not see in the picture by Yuon such details as any of the double headed eagles on the Kremlin towers. They were replaced by the stars in 1935. The stars are clearly visible in my photo.


Ice skating rink on Red square

by Olga on December 11, 2010

The best Moscow outdoor ice skating rink on Red square welcomes everyone from beginners to experts. Here you can skate looking at the Kremlin and enjoying the historical attraction of the main square. I love skating. I’ll be glad to keep you company.

Ice skating rink on Red square

Daily Session Times
10:00 — 11:20
12:00 — 13:20
14:00 — 15:20
16:00 — 17:20
18:00 — 19:20
20:00 — 21:20
22:00 — 23:20

Prices per session

Ice skating rink on Red square

Weekdays  10:00 – 14:00      250 rub
Weekdays  16:00 – 22:00      350 rub
Weekends and Holidays   10:00 – 12:00        350 rub
Weekends and Holidays  14:00 – 22:00        500 rub

Children ( 7—12 years old) – 100 rub, under the age of 6  –  free

Skate Rentals
Adults – 250 rub
Children ( 7—12 years old) – 100 rub

Plus deposit: 2000 rub (or driver license)
Coach services: 1000 rub