Moscow state university

by Olga on May 14, 2012

Moscow state university

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Moscow State University (MSU)

by Olga on November 28, 2010

Places I would like you to visit

This is one of my favorite places in Moscow.

In Russian we call the university MGU. The main building of it among the students is known as GZ (glavnoe zdanie – abbreviation for the main building). It is an impressive monument of soviet architecture decorated by scultural figures in traditional for those days style. The university is the oldest and most prestigious in Russia and most picturesque. It was established in the reign of the empress Elizabeth, daughter of Peter the Great. This building of the university was constructed after  World War II in 1949-1953. The 32-storey main tower is 240 m high. It houses headquarters, 3 departments – geology, geography and mathematics, lecture halls, assembly and concert halls, sports complex, residential area for professors and dormitories for students. The university campus covering over 800 acres includes over 40 university buildings located in a nice park, sports grounds, observatory, botanical garden, meteorological station, etc. More than 40000 students study at the university.